Cape Watch: Lego Batman Movie Will Be Happy, The Avengers Definitely Won’t


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A week after the release of Marvel’s Ant-Man teaser, it was time for the second Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer to underscore that 2015 really does feel like Marvel’s year. Don’t worry, though, because this week had an update on one Batman movie, a seemingly debunked rumor about another, and a reminder that Fox has its own superhero movies in the pipeline for 2016 as well. Here are the highlights of the superhero movie news from the past seven days.

SUPER IDEA: Smile, It’s Not That Bats

Not content with stealing the show in last year’s The Lego Movie, it looks like the Awesome Dark Knight is preparing to answer an important question at the center of Batman mythology with his 2018 solo movie.

“I think the movie is really exciting, because it’s about, ‘Can Batman be happy?'” co-writer Phil Lord told MTV last week when talking about the currently in-development animated spin-off from The Lego Movie. Batman, he went on to explain, “is the ultimate in white people problems. He’s like, ‘Oh, I’m so rich and handsome, women like me and I’ve got a Maclaren! Something about my parents!'” Someone should tell the young Bruce Wayne from Gotham this, he’d probably be thrilled. Especially at that part about women liking him.

Why this is super: As fans of the idea that Batman occasionally cracks a smile (not to mention, a joke), we think it’s about time a happy Bruce Wayne made it to the big screen. Sure, we’re not going to get a blockheaded version of this anytime soon, but still. It’d be a start.

SUPER IDEA: This Time, There’s More Punching

Marvel debuted a second trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron this week, which offered both more scenes of the Hulk and Iron Man fighting and an even more slowed-down version of “I’ve Got No Strings” from Pinocchio. If this is all some subtle way of foreshadowing the appearance of a space whale in the third act, we are all for it.

Why this is super: Aside from the fact that the humorous tone that was so winning in the first Avengers is entirely absent, replaced by in-fighting, who could fail to be won over by melodramatic dialogue and lots of slow fades? It’s the What the Kids Want: 2015 Edition, it appears. Especially if there’s a space whale that’ll swallow up the bad guy at the end.

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