8 Gorgeous Old-School Motorcycles Rebuilt Into Modern Classics

“The sterotypical motorcyclist,” Chris Hunter writes in the introduction to The Ride: New Custom Motorcycles and Their Builders, “used to be a rakish young guy or girl, a thrill-seeker with a mechanical bent. By the end of the twentieth century, it was the retired dentist trailering his 800-pound chrome-laden cruiser to a motorcycle meet. But today, the motorcycle is back.”

Indeed it is, in no small part due to a slew of beautiful machines and what Hunter calls “a new wave of custom motorcycle builders.” These creators—who include Justin and Jarrod Del Prado, Arie VanSchyndel, and Ian Barry—are mining the machines and aesthetics of the past and marrying them to modern materials and approaches.

The Ride (2013), edited by Hunter and Robert Klanten, and published by Gestalten, catalogs those builders and their fantastic machines. It’s a 300-page tour of the amazing world of custom motorcycles, from the guys in Japan turning Harley-Davidsons into amazing choppers to the German perfectionist working without any paint to hide his mistakes.

Here’s a selection of the best bikes in the book.

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