Farewell and Follow Me

Beyond Apollo is dead – long live Beyond Apollo.

As some of you may be aware, I’ve been writing online about plans for space missions and programs that didn’t happen for quite a long time – it’ll be 20 years next year, as a matter of fact. That writing has taken place under different titles. From 1996 to 2006, I wrote a webpage called Romance to Reality. That spun off my NASA-published history HUMANS TO MARS. Then came my blog Beyond Apollo, which moved to WIRED in 2012.

Now, I’ve started a new blog called DSFP’s Spaceflight History Blog. I did this so that I could experiment with crowdfunding and expand my scope to take in a broader range of space history topics.

If you have enjoyed reading Beyond Apollo here on WIRED, please watch for my book by the same title, which should hit bookstore shelves in 2016. In the Beyond Apollo blog – which will remain archived here on the WIRED site – I’ve mostly focused on one study document for each post. In BEYOND APOLLO the book, I am writing chapters that link multiple studies, some of which took place decades apart. Some of the posts that I planned to write on this blog have already morphed into parts of chapters in the book.

Thanks to my fellow WIRED Science Bloggers and to all the people at WIRED who’ve put up with me this past three years. It’s been fun and educational being a part of the team.

Thanks most of all to everyone who has read and enjoyed Beyond Apollo. I hope to see you around.

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