Want the Latest Science News? Here’s Who to Follow

If you want to follow the latest science news, may we suggest following people who make their living following and writing the latest science news? (Guess we didn’t need a Ph.D. to figure that one out.) Shift your IQ a little further right on the bell curve with a daily dose of the following science journalists.

Follow @edyong209
Whether he’s taking selfies with a flayed komodo dragon or making really bad science puns, Ed Yong needs to be in your stream. Or, if you’re trying to limit your Twitter screen time, just sign up for his newsletter, The Ed’s Up (see? The puns, they slay) or follow his blog Not Exactly Rocket Science over at National Geographic.

Follow @KateGalbraith
Water, energy, drought, fracking, water, solar, nuclear, water. We here in the desiccated California-based Wired offices are very interested in what Kate Galbraith has to tweet about. And if you care about the climate and the environment (you do, don’t you?) you should take an interest too, even if you live somewhere lush and green.

Follow @Erika_Check
Her on-the-ground reporting on Ebola from Sierra Leone was absolutely amazing; now she’s a great follow if you’re into genetic medicine / epigenetics / synbio research.

Follow @HelenBranswell
Her Twitter feed might make you want to wash your hands (and you, you with the cough, go stand in the corner over there) but if you’re into infectious diseases—MERS, HthisNthat, polio—you need to follow Branswell.

Follow @CarlZimmer
If you’re into the microbiome, Zimmer’s your guy, of course, but his curation of the world of science, from evolution to declining sea ice to CRISPR will get your brain ready for the day, whether or not you tend to revel in the idea that you’re constantly teaming with squillions of organisms.

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