Don’t Starve’s Developer Has a Stealthy New Game

Invisible, Inc. , a new tactical espionage game from Klei Entertainment, is graduating from Steam’s Early Access service and officially launching on May 12.

Klei is known for its stylish takes on familiar genres, such as the ninja-platformer Mark of the Ninja and the survival-horror roguelike Don’t Starve.

Invisible, Inc. continues this legacy with the company’s take on tactical espionage, the genre best known as home to the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

The official release brings several major improvements over Invisible’s last early access update, including an all new voiceover, fully-animated 3-D cinematics, new gameplay elements, and a fully realized story and world.

In the month leading up to release, Klei has ceased new sales of the early access version of the game—though if you already own it, you can keep playing the development build.

Invisible, Inc. will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux via either Steam or DRM-free on Klei’s website. A PlayStation 4 version is also in the works, but there’s no release date for that just yet.

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