A Luxe Leather Tablet Case Fit for Stockbroking Cowboys



As soon as you wrap your device in a case, you’re making a statement. How you carry your gadgetry isn’t just a matter of protection, it’s a declaration of your style and personality.

If your personal trademark veers towards chic, no nonsense, and leather-clad, we’ve found the perfect case for you. Makr’s $180 leather iPad case is beautiful in its simplicity. It’s made from a single piece of vegetable-tanned cowhide. There’s no visible stitching or seams. It just wraps around your iPad (or Galaxy Tab) like a luxe Western envelope, with each end folding into thin slots on the back. Heat-formed and hand edge-painted, the leather keeps its shape without bulging in the middle to ensure your slate won’t slip out until you’re ready to unsheathe it like a glass and aluminum-clad Excalibur.

It’s available in three hues, a rich chestnut, a warm tan, and New York stockbroker-approved black. The price tag is certainly steep for an iPad case, but then again, quality leather products do command a premium. For someone that cares about looks, quality, and protection, Makr’s case is a solid tablet accessory.

The company also makes cases for MacBooks and for iPad Minis that look just like this one, just sized differently. There are also phone cases, wallets, and eyewear cases with the same coloring and style.

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